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Barbara Bellanger

Backstage on a
photo shoot

"I was given the opportunity to watch the photo shoot for all of the new Barbara Bellanger outfits. I want to tell you all about my incredible day, with a super bonus video!"

On arrival at the studio

"When I arrived, everyone was already bubbling with excitement. Sarah and Alena, the models, were having their make-up put on by Corinne. The designer was preparing all of the accessories and the photographer was adjusting the lighting, while his assistant was busy behind the computers, making sure that everything would go well."

"I immediately felt a strange energy on the set, that was a blend of relaxed concentration. Corinne said, "We all have a different role to play in the team but at the end of the day, all of our talents combine to produce the best picture of a product or outfit"."

On arrival at the studio

Smile, you are on camera!

Smile, you are on camera!

"All made up and dressed, the models arrived on the set. They were wearing the clothes I had helped choose. It was magical! In that moment, all of the preparation and product and supplier selection work, came to life. They looked amazing. So happy, natural and very professional. They took my breath away! I hadn’t expected them to be so relaxed."

«Vincent, photographer and conductor»

"I discovered that a fashion photographer’s job isn’t only to click away on a camera. "Attitudes, ways of wearing our clothes, lighting, and product features are all important when it comes to producing the best images – images that enhance the product and create emotion,“ he confided in me. I must admit that he mastered it all with a great deal of talent and I love the result!"

Photograph advice

«An unforgettable day!»

"Taking part in a photo shoot was a super experience for me!
It was the culmination of weeks of work with the Afibel product team and the result reflects the effort of each member.
The photographer made a video of this fabulous day. Would you like to see it?"

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