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on cosy style :
a soft autumn.

Make your way gently into the new season, and try a casual, cosy, trendy look this autumn. Discover our must-haves, comfortable outfits now for stepping out in style!

Style advice by Stephanie

"Inspired by pretty autumn shades"

"Let’s start right away with this gorgeous outfit that is right on-trend. A sweater in a soft shiny knit, trousers with embellished pockets for teaming with a pair of boots, and a jacket-style duffel coat that will look stylish and feel warm… and you are ready for winter!
Have fun mixing and matching and let the fabrics do the talking. For this first outfit, we were inspired by autumn shades, combining caramel,
grey and black. "

I want it! I want it! I want it! Inspired by pretty autumn shades
I want it! I want it! I want it! I like : the return of the jazzy jumpers!
Style advice by Stephanie

"I like : the return of
the jazzy jumpers!"

"To add some seasonal softness, why not choose the feel-good colours and cosy warmth of this furry sweater that is both eye-catching and comfortable. The camel and teal colours look fabulous worn with our 5-pocket trousers in caramel, which is one of our star shades this season.

To add the final finishing touch to this outfit, I suggest you roll up the hems and wear a pair of stylish flat shoes"

Style advice by Stephanie

"Autumn 2018 :
the warm trend."

"I think you will agree that these warm styles pave the way to the ideal autumn wardrobe! Sweaters with cable patterns, that are soft, cosy and shiny, and woollen coats can be worn with our must-haves 5-pocket trousers so that you can change outfit every day and always look stylish."

I want it! Autumn 2018 : the warm trend.

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