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Barbara Bellanger

Jazzy jumpers
are back!

Furry sweaters were all the rage in the 80s and are making
a come-back to the fashion scene for a brand new updated style! Choose comfort and softness this season, where the trend is to look and feel cosy. Stephanie knows exactly how to wear this comforting sweater, which is her favourite and one of our star winter woollies…

Style advice by Stephanie

"I love the intricate knit
of this cosy sweater"

"The super-soft, downy effect makes it one of my favourite garments for this season. It is comforting, will keep you warm, and its silky knit creates a beautiful textured effect that will surround you with cosy softness. Personally, I love teaming it with jeans and a pair of matching shoes. In fact, I like wearing this knit so much that I couldn’t choose between the blue/red, and the black and grey!"

I want it ! Jazzy jumpers
I want it ! Have fun with a furry sweater!
Style advice by Stephanie

"Have fun with a furry sweater!"

"Fun but easy to wear! A furry sweater looks super teamed with raw denim jeans and high-heeled suede ankle boots, or a skirt and boots, or even chic 7/8-length trousers and Derby shoes. Enjoy yourself mixing and matching it in different ways and you’ll soon find yourself wearing it all season long!"

Style advice by Stephanie

"A furry sweater
who needs more?"

"The rest of your outfit has got to stay plain and understated when you are wearing a jumper with as much character as this one. Jewellery-wise, choose small earrings instead of a big neckline. Let the intricate knit do the talking and attract everyone’s attention! Make sure all of your skirts, shorts or trousers are plain. Make no mistake – a furry sweater is a fashion must-have this season."

I want it ! A furry sweater-who needs more?

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