Size guide : Women's stockings and tights

What size should you order ?

The tables below will help you get your bearings and choose wisely the stockings and the tights that best suits you.

If you are hesitating between 2 sizes, take the bigger of the two.

weight/height 45kg 50kg 55kg 60kg 65kg 70kg 75kg 80kg 85kg 90kg 95kg 100kg 105kg 110kg
5'1"(155cm) Size XS                  
5'3"(160cm)   Size S            
5'5"(165cm)     Size M      
5'7"(170cm)         Size L      
5'9"(175cm)         Size XL      
5'11"(180cm)           Size XXL   Size XXXL
6'1"(185cm)             Size XXXXL
Taille/Poids 5'1"(155cm) 5'3"(160cm) 5'5"(165cm) 5'7"(170cm) 5'9"(175cm) 5'11"(180cm) 6'1"(185cm)
45kg   Taille 1          
60kg Taille 2      
65kg   Taille 3  
70kg   Taille 4  
80kg     Taille 5  
90kg     Taille 6
95kg       Taille 7
105kg       Taille 8