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«Fearless, sensitive, motherly or bold… each woman is unique and has her own style and personality.
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A new season with a passion for fashion!

Fashion news prepared for you with the help of Stephanie, an Afibel style enthusiast, to help you choose your wardrobe and present our new designs. This season, Afibel will be by your side throughout the day and into the night, to ensure you look stylish!

Get to know Stephanie and discover our fashion favourites and advice for perfect outfits for each woman!


Backstage on a
photo shoot

Backstage on a photo shoot

“I was given the opportunity to watch a photo shoot and this is what I thought of it. With a super bonus video!”

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The city style...
a wardrobe must-have!

The city style... a wardrobe must-have!

This season we have created casual city outfits for you to enjoy. The fun, elegant designs have done away with frills but ensure comfort all the way...

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Jazzy Jumpers are back!

Jazzy Jumpers are back!

Furry sweaters were all the rage in the 80s and are making a come-back to the fashion
scene for a brand new updated style!
Choose comfort and softness this season...

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Spotlight on cosy style!

Spotlight on cosy style!

Make your way gently into the new season, and try a casual, cosy, trendy look this autumn.
Discover our must-have, comfortable outfits now for stepping out in style!

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4 cool city styles
to wear now!

4 cool city styles to wear now!

City chic is in this season, with a combination of colour, softness and comfort. So, prepare yourself for the perfect autumn wardrobe. Pop on and enjoy reliable basics, original new styles and...

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The perfect outfit
for Christmas and
the New Year


Whatever your style, dresses, skirts or trousers, classic or original, our fabulous festive looks have arrived in all their splendour. The bubbling excitement and enthusiasm of the end-of-year festivities will...