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from size 3 to size 11

At Afibel, we offer a wide range of very feminine and ultra-comfortable shoes designed in all styles and suitable for all shapes and types of foot, even the most sensitive.
From timeless classics to the latest trends, there is a comfortable solution for every foot.

The Afibel extra: all our shoes are tested by our team of experts.

To choose the right shoes for you, follow the guide.

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Choosing the right shoes

Our comfort solutions

Comfort shoes

3 widths for your feet

Standard, comfort or wide... Your are bound to find the right shoes for your feet. These styles with elastic or stretch panels, adapt to different foot shapes and are ideal for sensitive, painful or misshapen feet.

Specially designed for comfort
Easy to slip on

Easy to slip on!

Effortless comfort

Thanks to our styles with zip closure or self-fastenings, elasticated gussets or full openings, you can slip your foot into the shoe effortlessly. These styles adjust perfectly to the shape of your foot and offer excellent support.

Seamless assembly

Comfort and flexibility

These shoes are especially suitable for sensitive feet.
Designed without seams, they do not hurt your feet.
They are like a real second skin, and offered unrivalled walking comfort.

Seamless assembly

Removable insoles

Very practical

Would you like to use your own insoles in your shoes? Nothing could be easier! Our styles with removable insoles adapt to everyone's requirements, for optimal comfort at all times.

Full opening

Ultimate comfort

These shoes are easy to slip on and adapt to all foot shapes.
Our full opening styles are particularly suitable for feet that have undergone surgery or simply for sensitive or painful feet.

Our selection of shoes


Trainers, Tennis shoes and Derby shoes

Trendy and comfortable

Whetever you opt for the stylish or sporty version, plain or printed, in leather or canvas, they will be bang on trend. They can be worn with jeans for a modern look or a little dress for a more feminine, very city-chic look.

Ultra-comfortable, they offer unrivalled walking comfort, are easy to slip on and adjust to your instep. Comfort with style!


Style and Comfort

Here is a timeless style that is easy to wear every day. They are ultra-comfortable and flexible, and are suitable for the most sensitive feet...

Plain for a classic-chic style, very elegant or patterned for a more modern look, with a wedge or lugged sole, they're a must-have in your wardrobe. With jean's, a dress or even culottes, the combinations are endless.

Ballerina shoes

Ballerina shoes

Stylish comfort

Timeless and never out of fashion, ballerina shoes are the very embodiment of femininity. With a skirt, a dress or trousers, they enhance all looks and styles with a great deal of elegance.

Very easy to slip on, flexible and light, they are also very comfortable and adjust perfectly to all foot shapes, and particularly to wide, sensitive feet when they have straps or elasticated trim. Our styles are designed in high quality materials, and are available in as many different styles as colours and patterns.


Comfort and femininity

This flagship summer style is available in a multitude of colours and offers the perfect combination of comfort, modernity and femininity.

With an adjustable buckle, self-fastening or elasticated straps or a full opening, they adapt and adjust easily to all foot shapes to offer perfect support.

Whether platform or wedge, they offer stability and unrivalled walking comfort.



Modern and comfortable

The STAR performer of the summer and the perfect casual shoe. Our designs are available in a multitude of colours, styles and materials, that will brighten up every one of your outfits.

Easy to slip on, light and comfortable to wear, our mules are characterised by their great comfort and guarantee you support, flexibility and stability thanks to their thick sole.

Made in Europe

European expertise and the reputation of its craftsmen have spread way beyond its borders, particularly in the world of fashion where handmade products are a guarantee of quality.

All the expertise of European companies can be found in this Made in Europe shoe collection, with its undeniable style and beautiful quality.

Made in Europe
Ideal size

Choosing the right size

We help you find the right size in order to ensure optimum comfort and reduce the risk of rubbing or harming your feet.