How to choose  


Soft soles, added width, stretch panels and removable insoles. There is a comfortable solution for all feet, without ever compromising on style!

Whether you are hot on the heels of fashion or prefer timeless classics, you are sure to find something that will suit you.

Follow our guide for quality, style and comfort, and discover your ideal shoe.




Looking for something new?
Discover all of this season’s latest trends: iridescent, shiny, sporty and so much more. Shoes for all styles and tastes, and also for all feet, even the most sensitive!
Wear shoes that fit and look fabulous any time, on any occasion.


A major trend for summer 2019, available in equally comfortable dressy or sportswear styles.

Fashion focus

Whether you choose the classic white or prefer a more flamboyant version, they will both look fabulous with jeans or a little dress!


Shiny, iridescent or pearl footwear… add sparkle to your wardrobe for summer 2019!

Fashion focus

Shoes are a fully-fledged fashion accessory. Wear the iridescent trend to make your shoes look like jewels!

Sandals and mules

Our star styles for the sun are available in a wide range of colours for teaming with your summer outfits.
Casual or elegant – choose your pair now!

Canvas shoes

Choose canvas shoes for fresh comfort and wellbeing.
Our soft, lightweight styles are available in a wide range of colours and prints at attractive prices!

Our Comfort solutions

Slip-lasted construction

For whom?

Slip-lasted construction shoes are specially recommended for wide and sensitive feet.


No harmful inside seams so that your shoes feel like a second skin

Removable insoles

For whom?

Practical for anyone who likes to use their own insoles and ideal for anyone who needs to wear orthopaedic insoles.

Flexible soles

For whom?

Perfect for walking. Will follow your foot movements without causing discomfort.

Extra wide

For whom?

Specially suited to the needs of older feet (sensitive, painful, deformed, bunions).


Extra wide for happy sensitive feet.


For whom?

For ladies seeking comfortable, feminine shoes that can be worn at any time of the day.


Easy to pull on and close. They provide made-to-measure comfort.


Stockings and tights
Foot care

What size should I choose?

Are you sure you know your exact size? Finding your ideal shoes is all very well
but you have got to be sure you have chosen the right size
in order to ensure optimum comfort and reduce the risk
of rubbing or harming your feet.